Afro Chic’s Tip: Don’t Comb Your Hair?!?

Okay so you can comb it, but never when it’s DRY!  I’ve noticed that you get your most definition when your hair is wet, so after I give my mane a good washing I run my comb through with conditioner; Loreal Nature’s Therapy Mega Strength Fortifying Conditioner once a week and I don’t comb my hair as much afterwards.  This may sound crazy but when you have an afro pik and some fingers there is no need to continuously comb through your hair every day.  You will lose definition and get that scarey frizzy afro that we all try to avoid.  Daily I spritz my hair with Elasta Care Moisturing Spray and dap on their Feels like Silk Gel to keep it soft and healthy. So my tip for you is lay off all that combing and brushing and let the curl do it’s own thing 😉

2 thoughts on “Afro Chic’s Tip: Don’t Comb Your Hair?!?

  1. Anya says:

    I have really curly hair and I quit combing and brushing it several years ago. It was one of the best things I could have done for my hair!! I find that to keep it from practically dreading I just condition it when necessary and that’s all it takes… my curls hold together much nicer

  2. happy2bnappy says:

    I do not comb my hair either. I have a twa and find that it keeps its curl pattern instead of looking like a puff of frizz. Every morning I wet it and add some olive oil and sort of finger it out. The curls are lovely. I even like the peppercorn like pattern around my temples.

    Sometimes I just condition my hair instead of washing it as well. A friend taught me the no poo method, which keeps my fro from drying out. I wear a satin cap to bed every night. Slowly but surely I am learning to get along with my nappturally curly hair and I love it.

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