Ocho Cinco and the No Black Girls Rule

I AM NOT SURPISED!!!! After reading the email that one of his contestants put out to many websites I have already made up my mind that OchoCinco did in fact not want any black girls on his dating reality show that he is currently filming.  Contestants are saying and producers are agreeing that he doesn’t like black girls on there.  It seems like it’s always the darkest most chocolatest brothas that want to exclude women that look like their own mother smh.  Supposedly This chick made it to be one of the top ladies and was traded in for more hispanic and white girls to be added to the show.  Take a peak at the email taken from www.theybf.com :

I am an avid reader of YBF and was recently selected as one of the final 85 for Chad’s )OchoCinco) dating reality show. Long story short, Chad has identity issues and primarily chose Latinas and white girls (mostly brunette’s). Many of the black girls were eliminated right off the back (including Rabbit from Real Chance of Love)<– might I add Cali made a cameo as well. I managed to make top 30 before getting eliminated.

The entire day was unorganized and Chad only wanted to do things his way; he wouldn’t listen to producers and all selections were made by him only. In the beginning Chad walked the field and immediately began to dismiss girls, he later called a group of ten girls (including myself) up to the front and told us to “not worry you’re not going anywhere..” Shortly after he directed us to do a quick warm up lap (at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA). This warm up lap turned into chaos, lap after lap producer’s were unsure of what to do next so they directed girls to keep running. Luckily, I stay with a personal trainer, so I ran a total of 6 laps before I stopped for water. Some girls began to hyperventalate, while others began to walk. One by one, Chad starting pulling black girls aside and telling them “bye.” During my stop for a cup of water, Chad called me over along with a group of six girls; 5 black and 1 white. He then said “umm… you guys are eliminated… uh.. yea–yea eliminated–Except for you.” And guess who he pulled out the group? The white girl.

Long story short, Chad is intimidated by a successful black woman. And this so-called competition definitely wasn’t based off of looks or class. **I’m Just Sayin**

Just wanted to give you the scoop.

P.S. I am a YBF chick of Carribean decent.

So is this just an angry black female mad that she was picked over a girl of another race? Possibly.  But I am not suprised at all that OchoCinco is going to pick a non-black girl in the end.  Identity issues or not his whole made up perception on being colorblind is a flop and he draws dissapointment because I did believe he was a true brotha trying to make a good name for himself.  I’ll be honest and say he was in my top 10 sexiest men.  And I realize he wants good ratings, so in the end a successful black woman would only be intimdation to the other ladies and “boredom” doesn’t need to be on that kind of dating show anyways.  When reality sets in he will realize his faults, and it will be too late.  He should’ve never did a stupid show like this, love on a show? FAKE!  Please someone tell me what Reality Dating TV show was successful and tastefully done? It hasn’t. Because tasteful people don’t do mess like that. I’m done.

3 thoughts on “Ocho Cinco and the No Black Girls Rule

  1. Flojo Valentine says:

    Great job Reesa. but young sisters don’t let men like this define you. Stay true to yourselves and don’t let brothers like this define your self worth.

  2. mzmjp says:

    I will never understand for the life of me how a black man can deny a black woman. I understand you can’t help who you love but don’t just rule out a specific race.

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