Lady Gaga on Larry King Live

Lady Gaga was interviewed last night on CNN’s Larry King Live and she opened up quite well to Larry about her personal issues, fans, and even Michael Jackson. I remember her talking about her resemblence to Madonna and I couldn’t agree with her more. What hit home for me was the question about Lupus? She was recently tested for it and her fans wrote in to ask her if she has it? This was here answer.

She also gave sneak peaks to her upcoming music video to “Alejandro” which covers issues on the gay community, their strength and everything they’ve been through.  Look out soon for the premiere 🙂

One thought on “Lady Gaga on Larry King Live

  1. Chreesha says:

    Well that explains a lot. I know, I have Lupus and am managing it fine so far. I initially resisted this whole “Lady Gaga thing”, but she’s actually a decent artist–no matter how crazy she looks. I did find out she was classically trained, can actually sing and play piano. I think she purposefully goes the way of radio pop b/c it’s what is hot. Strange how we all share commonalities and may not know anything about each other. I’m sure if she does have Lupus, she’ll either manage it well also or if tragedy besets her, she’ll become a kind of musical legend. Maybe she can use her star status for generating research funds to help others in need with this disease.

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