Puma gets Animagical with a splash of Africa

Animagical Fragrance

When I used to be a sneakerhead I always counted Puma as one of my favorites and as a former athlete seeing Puma sponsoring professional athletes only made it better.  Spokesperson, Usain Bolt himself  just launched a new fragrance line entitled “Animagical” which are described as and urban scent in a wild bottle.  I don’t quite understand the meaning but it has to do with animals and magic lol Although some are not agreeing with the common animal references to Africa. Taken from the prints from the motherland, the new line for Him and Her have different scents of citrus, cocoa, and other sensual african fruits.  It comes in a lotion and body wash so you ladies you can have your man smelling like Usain’s goodness all day. To check out the different designs go to www.puma-fragrances.com and tell me if you would actually spray this?

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