Jamaican Drug Violence turns to War

As if there are enough problems going on in our world, Jamaica is undergoing alot of violence revolving around the drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who was charged last year with the U.S. Supreme Court with conspiracy for distributing marijuana and cocaine.  We all know that Jamaica is known for the greenery but it’s all getting out of hand.  There have been over a dozen people killed included officers over this allegation.  I feel as if “Dudus” has so many followers that are rebelling against this charge and will start a war just to protect him.     The Prime Minister has even declared a state of emergency in Kingston, Jamaica shutting down schools and offices.  But is this all worth it? “Dudus” needs to turn himself and realize that he isa #FAIL.  I feel like this is real life movie but I hope that somehow Jamaica comes to peace because it is getting ridiculous.  Well, with all this going on Poverty still exists, it’s a sad world we live in folks.

Video Drop: Chris Breezy “Bullshit”

Chris Brown’s just released a music video to “No Bullshit” today and honey it’s buzzin all over the internet.  I love the concept because many can relate to those late night club get-ups but ummmm….when I think of Chris I think of a teenager, still. I know he’s been tried as an adult but just like bowwow and all those other kid stars I find it weird to me when they talk about sex and grow up, kind of like a big sister. The video is hot and so is he so enjoy!

2 Years and Counting. . .

My friends have been asking me to straighten my hair for awhile now, and since I am back home where humidity can’t effect my press and curl I decided to give it a try.  Only problem is I couldnt get pass a blow dry.  Just two years ago I cut my hair off around this time,  BIRTHDAY WEEK! I think I’ve came a long way, it drapes my shoulders and this is not when its fully straight.  I’ll post a picture later when I see my hair stylist so it can be professionally done 🙂

Too much like Wright?


I went to go see “Just Wright” starring Common, Paula Patton, and Queen Latifah on opening night and caught myself predicting every scene.  I loved the concept of the movie, the gorgeous cousin gets the basketball player, then the diamond in the rough stills him away and they fall madly in love, on accident.  It’s cute to me, but I feel that the sexy and talented artist Common just didn’t fit the role.  He wasn’t aggressive enough for me, I wanted more from him and I just didn’t get it.  Some music artists are fit for the acting in Hollywood.  So as the Afro Chic, I’d give this movie a B.  Go check it out for yourself, but if you aren’t a die hard Common fan I’d catch it on redbox.


She’s baaaaaack! But she never left in my heart.  With this whole comparison between M.I.A and Lady Gaga to be honest I see none at all.  They are both unique and different, that’s my only comparison. And can you say fashion moguls?  M.I.A just released her first single “XXXO” to her upcoming third album.  This Sri-Lankan artist is continuing with her signature sound but giving us a more flirty edge.  Take a listen!

Why Don’t You Love Me?

The queen of writing every girl’s anthems, Beyonce, takes a backseat as her sister Solange writes the song “Why Don’t You Love Me” and releases the video on twitter for all her fans to see.  Of course Beyonce is taking a break, however, whether she’s in the studio or not you will not forget about this diva.  If you haven’t already here is the 50’s inspired music video to “Why Don’t You Love Me”.

The Graduating Class of 2010

On May 9, 2010, Hampton Univeristy graduates, family, friends, and people from all over the world gathered in the stadium of the “REAL HU” for an experience of a lifetime .  The 2010 Commencement was not only special because I was a graduate but also because our honorary speak was President Barack Obama.  It was one of the greatest days of my life to achieve one of the milestones that I have lived up to and have my very own black president give me the recognition that I deserved.  Graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations, I held my diploma high as a marched acrossed the stage with gratitude as the crowd looked on with respect.

It is not everyday that the President of this free world agrees to speak to a Historically Black College so I am proud that my alma mater had that honor.  Although secret service put us through many stipulations, it was worth every penny to stand there in the blazing sun in my uniform black and stockings to hear the commencement speech. Below you can view what was the best day of my life!