2 Years and Counting. . .

My friends have been asking me to straighten my hair for awhile now, and since I am back home where humidity can’t effect my press and curl I decided to give it a try.  Only problem is I couldnt get pass a blow dry.  Just two years ago I cut my hair off around this time,  BIRTHDAY WEEK! I think I’ve came a long way, it drapes my shoulders and this is not when its fully straight.  I’ll post a picture later when I see my hair stylist so it can be professionally done 🙂

3 thoughts on “2 Years and Counting. . .

  1. Monique M says:

    I honestly can say WOW, it looks great & it grew soo fast lol! I’ve been thinking about goin natural every since I cut all my hair off in the beginning of the year. But the thing holding me back is taking care of it. Im tooo lazy I can barely maintain my new cut lol. IDK Im still considering since Im working now and will have the money to maintain it. My question is it really that hard to maintain your hair now that it is natural?!?

    P.S. I really like your website! You’ve done a great Job!

    • reesaspeaks says:

      Girl I know who you are lol but thanks I love your new short hair! Just like having short hair it is something that you have to maintain in order for it to look right. I find it to be really low maintanance, all you need is the right products and some good tips and advice. I feel that without having chemicals its easier because although I wash it once or twice a week you learn how to care for you hair at a natural state and it becomes easy to deal with. It’s a process but the results will make you happy 🙂

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