Jamaican Drug Violence turns to War

As if there are enough problems going on in our world, Jamaica is undergoing alot of violence revolving around the drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who was charged last year with the U.S. Supreme Court with conspiracy for distributing marijuana and cocaine.  We all know that Jamaica is known for the greenery but it’s all getting out of hand.  There have been over a dozen people killed included officers over this allegation.  I feel as if “Dudus” has so many followers that are rebelling against this charge and will start a war just to protect him.     The Prime Minister has even declared a state of emergency in Kingston, Jamaica shutting down schools and offices.  But is this all worth it? “Dudus” needs to turn himself and realize that he isa #FAIL.  I feel like this is real life movie but I hope that somehow Jamaica comes to peace because it is getting ridiculous.  Well, with all this going on Poverty still exists, it’s a sad world we live in folks.

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