My Appreciation

This is my dedication and appreciation for all the sistahs out there with rebellious hair. Where ever I go no matter what state, what country, use the compliments uplift eachother.  I don’t know if anyone understands me, but once you’ve experience the natural lifestyle it’s not like no other.  No lacefront, remy weave, or bone straight lifestyle can’t take away the shine that magically seems to glow between each sending happiness that only the rebellious can understand.  I have recently noticed the natural community and how on such a forbiden and touchy subject women of all textures come together through internet, on the streets, or work enviornments and uplift eachother when society only wants to bring us down.  This is me appreciating those that give compliments, advice, or just slient gestures to those who choose to wear their hair how it has been naturally rooted from the scalp.  Even if it’s just one day, one hour, or a couple months, just remember we are born natural and I will continue to live this natural life 🙂

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