Thoughts: Being Misunderstood.

Is it that we live in a superficial world? Is it that we have grown so accustomed to walking around like robots saying the same thing? Thinking the same thing? Speaking the same knowledge? and yet breathing the same air?

My thoughts will soon become rambles as I try to figure out my place in this world.  I have never been the girl to follow the norm.  While others were trying to fit in as a child I was busy trying to standout.  But then again, everyone is trying to stand out which makes it too much like “groupthink”.  If we all want to be different then there is no originality.  I’d rather stand alone then follow something that I don’t believe in.   That can go for relationships, friendships, and different views on life lessons.

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing to be misunderstood because no one has to understand everything thing that goes in your mind.   At times, those thoughts are just for you and God.  Learning to accept that each and every living being is different will make you a better person.  I love thinkers and artists who aren’t afraid to open their minds to the world regardless of how others will view them.  Knowing that everyone is not going to understand the essay you wrote, painting you drew, or the song your wrote; it still serves as a purpose to the outside world.

So to my sistah and brothas out there still feeling misunderstood, don’t worry you have a gift that if no one else sees it, it will be seen by your creator above 🙂

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