So You Want a Confederate Month?

This past week Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s of Virginia recieved alot of backlash for declearing April “Confederate History Month” reluctantly leaving out the Slavery aspact of the Confederates.  Although he did publicly apologize I feel that it shouldn’t be given a month anyhow.  Yes, the confederates brought up the south and its about it’s culture but a very important part of history was the Civil War and the confederates were fighting to KEEP slavery.  That should not be celebrated at all and it sickens me but doesn’t suprise me that the first slave state (virginia) would want to propose such recognition.   But to leave out Slavery was a big mistake on McDonnell’s part.  Without slavery this nation would not be where it is now, without African’s America would not be where it is now.  So if you want to declare a day? How about an appreciation for African Americans that build this nation, thanks.

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