HU Brings Relief to Haiti

Hampton University’s Music Department sponsored the Haiti Relief Benefit concert that was held in Ogden Hall last night and it was SPECTACULAR…there were 12 acts that showcased their talent and appreciation through dance, instruments, and musical selections. 

Student Artists like Euro P. Gold, Duke, Earth Gang, ReKaste graced the stage and sung selections that had the audience either rockin or engaging in a praise session.  I was especially suprised to find the few gospel groups UNISUN and Praise Him Ministries come forth to really rock the crowd with their amazing voices.

The performaces that really stood out to me were of the dance group Oracle (I haven’t seen them peform in awhile), Frequency with the voice of Chelsea, and Stacey Reid who was on the Saxaphone setting the tempo for the rest of the evening. Not to mention, Miss HU did her own lil hip roll tribute to Haiti.


The concert was a great success and I really believe that regardless of $3 from my pocket going for a good cause, It was nice to come out and celebrate life with such talented students that I go to school with.

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