Early in the Morning. . .

I did my own spin from the poem “Early in the Morning” by Li-Young Lee.  He’s a beautiful poet, so hope you enjoy my pracitce.

Early in the Morning

As my breathe weakens and my thoughts get heavy

I watch as he glides from on top of me and faints into his pillow

The ray of sunshine glistens on his chest

And the white sheets softens his grasp

Slowly he moves from my thoughts to the bathroom

My eyes begin to feel soft like the midnight clouds.

He stands erect, stands powerful

Every crevice and muscle outline our struggle and my admiration for

His Chocolate skin, mesmerizes

Makes our love feel everlasting to me.

Mirror image

I see my eyes gazing

Clutching the clouds

Our moist white sheets

Wishing he’d never leave,

Into the world where my

Darkest midnight,

Will not be able to breathe.

But as he holds my round cheek

Kiss my full ripened lips

Touches my tender breasts

Our minds meet

And our souls

Can finally breathe.

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