“Negro” is a really a choice for Census

When filling out applications and the equal opportunity section comes up, do you call yourself Black, African-American, or…..Negro?  You would think that this name would be buried and put to rest.  A name that was given to African-Americans and what the whites refered to use to describe our rich skin tone since the civil rights era.

The new Census Bureau has implimented a new option for you to check of in the race/ethnicity portion: NEGRO.  The word is now included under one answer along with African-American, Colored, and Black.  Many people are upset by this and I don’t blame them.  Who wants to have such a derogatory name put into a category that has to be marked because of their race.  It would be an uproar if in the white answer they put; European, Irish, and honkey. Exactly.

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