Cupid Shoot Me With Your Rifle Love

With Valentine’s Day a little over a month away there are many anxious and angry single men and women out there who are thinking of ways to avoid the torture of the heart sensationalized holiday. But why is that?  Why can’t there be  a holiday for single men and women to unite and celebrate the fabulousity of living a single life?  The flowers and the candy, and if your lucky the romantic evening only last 24 hours.  Then the smiles are smacked right off the couples faces and you are quickly remembered why he or she got on your nerves in the first place.  It’s funny to me, and I hate to be a hypocrite, but for once I’d like to step out of the the single-black-girl shoes and enjoy the 24 hours of love…  Dont get me wrong I’m not rushing to the online dating sites or scanning my phonebook looking for a valentine, just having an open heart this time cause maybe I might get to celebrate this holiday!

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