Just Rejuvinating Your Skin?!?

Really?  When I heard about Sammy Sosa was pulling a “MJ” with the skin bleaching I did think that maybe he had a skin condition but that was not the case.  This once, brown-skinned Dominican was caught on camera at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas looking like  as white as his wife.

Sammy Sosa (r.) with wife Sonia in Las Vegas on November 4. Sosa's skin has been a topic of discussion, but the former Chicago Cubs slugger denies any health woes.

He’s been telling us that there is nothing wrong with his skin, he’s just been trying this new creme to rejuvinate his skin.  This is the most ridiculous piece of non-sense I’ve seen lately.  How can you sit here and tell the world, that you are not trying to bleach your skin.  He is obviously happy with his new skin color and doesnt see the problem.  I am not a Sammy Sosa fan and after looking at this picture, I will never be.

SAMMY15a ( before his “rejuvination’)

See, that’s what’s wrong with people of color.  They are not happy with the skin and feature that God has blessed us with.  If you can’t look in the mirror without makeup, weave, or contacts, and be happy for what you popped out your mom with then you really need to re-evaluate your life.  Stop letting society and others tell you how you should look.  Or what is beautiful, whether your a brown-skin Dominican or a nappy headed sistah like me, you have to believe that you are beautiful in your own eyes.

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