I heart Wale.

Today was the release of the album “Attention Deficit’ by Wale and so I decided to go ahead and make that iTunes purchase to support the brotha.  He’s such a sweetheart, he was on twitter trying to reason with society, his fans, and haters why he’s always set up for failure…I know he probably didn’t look at my DM, but I told him to be positive that no matter what; you are producing music that is apart of your life, your passion, and drive and album rankings should not detere you from what you love.  So anyways, (groupie moment)

I really like two songs in particular from his album: Diary feat. Marsha Ambriousus, Shades feat. Chrisette Michelle:  He spits alot of true bars about black women and more importantly being a dark-skinned brotha growing up.  The songs to me intertwine together because they are problems that alot of my peers and myself have probably gone through at least once in our lifetime.

so if you would, just cop this CD and support good real music. I feel that hip-hop is coming back 🙂

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