Afro Punk- The Movement

I have just been recently introduced to “Afro Punk”- the black punk culture, and I find it pretty interesting.  The movement all started when Matthew Morgan and James Spooner did a film on the black punks in America.  I’m over here thinking kids like Lenny Kravitz, alternative and urbanized? I love it! 

The website is dedicated to the Black Punk community in America.  People all over the world, sharing the same interest, in music and culture, come to the website to share music and also network on different lifestyles.  The webiste is equipped with blogs, forums, current news, music, and more.  Whether you share a love for punk music or you are just interested in the culture, this website is very welcoming.


Coming straight out of Brooklyn in 2005, the birth of the Afro Punk Festivals arised.  With the support of many celebrities, like Janelle Monae as well as the team, the festival has produced to celebrate the freedom of expression through the punk culture.

I feel that this movement is a hidden treasure that should get more credit in the music industry. What are your thoughts?

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