Aliens Exist

…and I have spotted one, in Atlanta, Ga. He goes by the name of “Alien Mic” when it comes to music but you can call him Mike Jenkins.  The Oakland native is an up and coming producer and entrepeuner that has utilized his artist talent and musically inclined abilities to conquer the music business. Graduating from Morris Brown College with a degree in Business Management and Music Technology he developed his very own Indie Label called “Star Warz Entertainment”

During College, Jenkins professors and peers have called him different and out of this world.  His music that he produces attracts the ears of many different areas of music.  The music genre of his label come from different cultures and genre.  He uses the idea of being “different” to produce different collaborations that you may not here on your everyday radio station. He says, “My focus is to use music in such a way that it will conquer the social problems and celebrity divide of whats causing the destruction of real music today.”  Jenkins picks his artists that share the same focus as him collaborates the different subsadaries to produce musical sounds.  If you feel that your music, in unhumanely out of this world, then Star Warz Entertainment is the label that you should make history with.

Star Warz Entertainment is based out of Altanta, Ga. and have birthed many artists like B. Bonds, Jon Dreamer, Jamison, and more.  Not only can you google them, but you can also find them with hit singles on iTunes.  The label cover a wide varitey of sounds such as hip-hop, indie, pop, rock, and electrica.

For information on how you can contact Mike Jenkins “Alien Mic”:

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