Bald-Head Complex Is In

This fall I have noticed a lot of bald-headed women running around here. It’s not the “bald-headed scallywags” but more of the chick that just decided to cut their locks off and rely on their face.  Pretty faces I see, but as a survivor of the big cut, I too know the exhilirating feeling of chopping thy hair off.

I want to take the time to commend Solange Knowles for her Bald-Head complex.  I do know what made her do it, but I can tell you its one of the two things. 1) She was weaving herself away from her big sister Queen of the Lacefront aka Beyonce. I don’t blame her though, I mean poor Solange is only known because of her. 2) She probably didnt have too much hair to begin with. And usually women who want to get rid of their weaves and wigs will just chop everything off. Nothing is wrong with that, but at least she’s not frontin. You feel me?

Now, I don’t think Solange has a very STRONG face for a bald-head nor does she have the confidence, but if she uses some “smize” she might pull it off and the confidence can be found.  Oh yeah, props for the Honey Mag Cover. (stole it from her twitter icon, thanks lol)

Coutesy of Honey Mag/Twitter Icon

Coutesy of Honey Mag/Twitter Icon

One thought on “Bald-Head Complex Is In

  1. andreanicole says:

    i loved this honey mag shoot with solange. it looks fun.

    i saw her hair before she cut it, it was shoulder length. from time to time she would take out the dragon (aka the weave) and let her real hair breathe. you have to be bold & strong to do stuff like that, so i cosign your commendation.

    nice blog.

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