HU is going NATURAL

As I walk through the halls and eat in the cafeterias I notice something different about my peers.  All this natural, big and beautiful hair surrounds me.  Girls with fros, locks, and twists are seen around campus.

I am loving this fall because It is the first time I am being more appreciative of my hair and its existence.  However, my natural process has been a lot easier when I meet and talk to different women who have decided to go natural as well.  I could sit anywhere on campus, alone, and I will become approached and appreciated for my naturality. 

I do realize that there is no comparison between the two, but the whole idea that women are being more appreciative of what God has given them has been SPRINKLED throughout the campus….

Make sure that you exploit your creativity and if you feel like you want to go natural or dare to be different, do NOT second guess yourself because it will never happen.  It just makes me happy every day to see women at Hampton University embrasing their natural beauty and I thought I would share that with the world.

So happy, how about you?

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