My Secret to my Soft

Usually I wouldnt do this but I have been asked many times what products I use to compliment my curl pattern.  The two products that I use daily are called “Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer” and “Elasta Care Feels like Silk Gel”. I found out about Elasta Care through my friend Heather who was in beauty school. I wanted to rock the curly summer look without loosing my “out the shower” curls.

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Feels Like Silk Styling Gel

The secret to this particular styling Gel is that you do not have to apply it when just get out the shower.  I would only use a dime-sized amount spread it on my palms, then run my fingers through my hair. The silky feelings is blam and my hair never gets that unwanted snow storm after using it either.

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Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer

The key to healthy hair is MOISTURE. I cannot stress enough how I hate when my hair is dry and brittle.  Especially with kinky hair its not a good look to have a brittle pad on your head.  After washing my hair and when its wet, I like to apply it just to hold in the water moisture.  I’m telling you now, this moisturizer will last weeks and leave your hair feelings sooooo soft.

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