Afro Chick’s Pick: Nakimuli x Dookie Bracelets and Leggings

These super cute Dookie Bracelets + leggings are to die for!  Nakimuli is a designer from Brooklyn who creates funky clothes for creative girls.  I was browsing through her blog and noticed that she is debuting shorts to go along with her collection of dresses, leggings, coats, accessories and more.  visit Nakimuli Online Store to view her full line.

These are my Picks:

Feminine Funk: Fearless, Funky, and Feminine Clothing for Real Women

An avid reader of Reesa Speaks as well as aspiring Fashion Designer, Nicole Grier created  Feminine Funk; a clothing line catering to plus-size women who dare to be fearless, funky, and feminine.  Founded in 2010, Nicole decided to take matters in her own hands about the forced society’s perception of beauty and fashion by creating a clothing line that accentuates the positives of the female figure.  She has created eclectic t-shirt designs that have been perfectly sewn to tailor a “real” women figure.  The shirt that I’m wearing is called “Sassy” and the stiletto pump was exactly what I needed for a girls night out.

Feminine Funk comes in sizes 1x-4x and range in very cute and humorous expressions.  Not to mention, Feminine Funk is black owned in the Bay Area.  Be sure to look out for their new collection this summer!

Visit and get funky!

*Thanks Nicole 🙂

Vogue Italia May 2011: Tribute to Black Beauties

Check out Vogue Italia’s tribute to “Black Beauties” in a 15 page editorial spread featured in the May 2011 issue.  There has been quite a buzz in the journalist world whether it justifying the “color blind” theory to beauty and fashion and whether it was necessary for a race-based issue.  I give these magazines props for featuring black models in high fashion because we may not dominate this industry but we do represent well.  What do you guys think, is an all black issue necessary?

Solange, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks New Ambassadors for Carol’s Daughter Multiracial Campaign

Solange, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks are the new Faces of the Carol’s Daughter Multiracial Campaign.  By soliciting “Beauty is Diversity” these ladies are on the newest cover of WWD Style Magazine representing the three nationalities that make up the recent demographic shift reported by the U.S. Census.  According to Lisa Price, founder of this line, she wanted her spokesman to represent the multiracial diversity that makes up the country today.  I think it’s dope that Carol’s Daughter is not limiting her products to one ethnicity, but instead providing skin and hair products for mutli-ethnic women.  Just a side note, Solange has really revamped her image and I am really enjoying her new representation.  Her confidence is at an all time high, must have something to do with being the new spokeswoman. Way to go!

Toccara Talks Fashion with Miss Tina


As always, I was excited to get the latest issue of Essence magazine with Regina King on the cover and as I flipped through I came across Toccara’s exclusive interview with Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s Mom) as she discussed her new line Miss Tina which is a plus size friendly line that can be find exclusively at Walmart. I think it was so necessary for Tina do bring this line to Walmart so that curvy woman can have affordable and fashionable selections when shopping for their own size.  I also like how it’s not just plus size women, she has sizes for everyone!

I’m loving the jumpsuit Toccara has on!

The Miss Tina line ranges from dresses, casual wear, swimsuits, jeans, and more. I checked out the line for myself and there are a few pieces that I could pull off as well as my mother.

You can find Miss Tina exclusively at Walmart stores or online at

Interview Exclusive: Rachel Stewart Jewelry

If you ever wondered where my earring game comes from, I have to pay my respect to Rachel Stewart and her jewelry line Rachel Stewart Jewelry. I found her online store and have been posting jewelry that’s so so creative and unique regularly.  It’s not often you find a designer who embraces her creativity and creates art that match your own style. Check out this exclusive I had with Rachel Stewart, as I got the inside scoop behind the North Carolina designer.

When did you first discover your passion for art and jewelry?  What rooted your business?

A few years ago I decided to take a break from painting and try another creative outlet…it was just a natural transition for me…

Where is your store based? Do you also travel and have booth at festivals and events?

I don’t have a store, all my sales are made online, you don’t need a physical building to have a business anymore, everything can be virtual….I haven’t had the desire to travel or do festivals and events, I may branch out next year and do some events but I’m really a homebody and prefer to stay home with my family…even though it would be great for business…I’m satisfied with the the way things are now.

I absolutely love your style and fashion.  How would you describe yourself as an artist and where does your inspiration come from?

I really don’t like to label myself. I let others do that, I don’t limit myself as far as art is concerned, I just make what is pleasing to me, I cant pinpoint inspiration, for me I just make what I feel like making, I don’t need a stimulus to create.

I have also noticed how proudly natural you are.  How long have you been natural? Do you think part of your inspiration derives from your hair being natural?

I have been natural for over 20 years, my hair has no impact on me as far as inspiration, its a part of me just like my hands and feet…I don’t wax poetic about my hair or obsess over being natural, to me its not some magical, spiritual entity sitting on my head.its me..the way I was born to be.. simple as that.

I am always looking at different fashion styles for full figured women, and you have immediately became my retro, urban, vintage, inspiration.  Where do you shop and find all the cutest clothes? Do you design your own?

I do most of my shopping online, Ebay, Etsy, and any vintage shop I can find, I also love Target and I stay in thrift stores for dresses and jackets, I don’t design my own clothes..One day I hope too!

For all the beautiful artistic ladies out there, what advice would you give to entrepreneurs like yourself who are striving to my a career out of their creative abilities?

I tell everyone to just DO IT..Dont wait for permission or approval from anyone, all the tools you need to have a business are here, you just need to take advantage.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry not only has earrings that I love, but she always makes bracelets, necklaces, and little trinkets for men too. Go ahead and order you a pair today at her online stores:

Nican Robinson: A Look into a Photographer’s Soul

It’s always interesting to watch an artist’s life unfold right before your eyes and I had a chance to meet one that was so inspiring it immediately took my weekend into a world of creativity.  Nican Robinson is a local photographer in the Bay Area that may be seen at your Monday soul events or local concerts but he possess a talent that I rarely see in people that take pictures; it is his ability to capture the beauty of the human body.  Born and raised in Oakland, a graduate of UC Berkeley, college athlete, and a salsa dance king, Nican Robinson proves me to be one of the most outstanding and illustrious photographers in the Bay Area.

Reesa: When did you first start doing photography?

Nican: This may be a surprise but how long do you think?

Reesa: I’m not good with guessing but your work is phenomenal so I would say in High school.

Nican: February 14th at 9 pm 2009.  My life was surrounded by athletics, all the men in my family played basketball and football.  After the big game with Stanford, I sat down with my dad and expressed to him that I wanted to pursue photography so immediately my dad ran into the room and brought out a Nikon B50 and just gave it to me and from then on it was history.

Reesa:It’s not so often that you find a photographer who started only two years ago and has built a professional platform that can rank with some of the veterans. So what do you have an eye for or what is your inspiration when shooting?

Nican: Different aspects or occurrences that happen in my life are my inspiration.  I come from a very loving and nurturing family, sometimes my family is referred to the Cosby’s…like no joke.  My father does not wear the sweaters but were pretty much Cosby-like.

Reesa: (laughs) Ok, I was looking at your photos on your website and I really liked your black and white portraits. What makes you choose to do black and white versus color?

The Blackout

Nican: That a good question. The reason why I think that black and white photos should be used is number one; depending on what you photograph, colors tell you the answer but when using black and white it has to be read and felt. And two; the energy of the photo is locked into your imagination and you really have to feel the emotion.

Reesa: How do you go about capturing the perfect photo?

Nican: When I go about capturing a picture I use all different type of models and bakcgrounds.  Whether you are big, small, tall, the human body is a model.  It all depends on the situations on how I’m feeling.  I’ll go and reach out to a certain person and express the situation through my photography.

Reesa: One of my favorite models you shot is Adryan Sterling.  I love how you can capture her beauty from a different perspective. How do you define Beauty in the human body?

Model: Adryan Sterling

Nican: My answer is very simple but my meaning is deep. Everything is beautiful.  Everybody has a beauty about them; they may not see or recognize it.  As an artist/photographer you can pull the inner beauty out of someone.  When you look at my photos you can feel the beauty in every one of my models.  My goal is to define the beauty that people ignore within themselves.

Reesa: As an artist we tend to appeal to all of our senses when it comes to creativity.  So choosing one of the five; what sound or noise do you love the most? And why?

Nican: I like the sound of the dishwasher.  It’s really calming.  My mother would turn the dishwasher on and it at night and it would be soothing to me when I fall asleep. Also, I love the sound of Sam Cooke, even the song “Keep Moving On” he talks about how things in life happen but you have to keep moving on.

Nican Robinson is currently working in Oakland to pursue his career as a professional photographer.  Every week he has current projects that he displays on his blog and his portfolio at