Interview Exclusive: Rachel Stewart Jewelry

If you ever wondered where my earring game comes from, I have to pay my respect to Rachel Stewart and her jewelry line Rachel Stewart Jewelry. I found her online store and have been posting jewelry that’s so so creative and unique regularly.  It’s not often you find a designer who embraces her creativity and creates art that match your own style. Check out this exclusive I had with Rachel Stewart, as I got the inside scoop behind the North Carolina designer.

When did you first discover your passion for art and jewelry?  What rooted your business?

A few years ago I decided to take a break from painting and try another creative outlet…it was just a natural transition for me…

Where is your store based? Do you also travel and have booth at festivals and events?

I don’t have a store, all my sales are made online, you don’t need a physical building to have a business anymore, everything can be virtual….I haven’t had the desire to travel or do festivals and events, I may branch out next year and do some events but I’m really a homebody and prefer to stay home with my family…even though it would be great for business…I’m satisfied with the the way things are now.

I absolutely love your style and fashion.  How would you describe yourself as an artist and where does your inspiration come from?

I really don’t like to label myself. I let others do that, I don’t limit myself as far as art is concerned, I just make what is pleasing to me, I cant pinpoint inspiration, for me I just make what I feel like making, I don’t need a stimulus to create.

I have also noticed how proudly natural you are.  How long have you been natural? Do you think part of your inspiration derives from your hair being natural?

I have been natural for over 20 years, my hair has no impact on me as far as inspiration, its a part of me just like my hands and feet…I don’t wax poetic about my hair or obsess over being natural, to me its not some magical, spiritual entity sitting on my head.its me..the way I was born to be.. simple as that.

I am always looking at different fashion styles for full figured women, and you have immediately became my retro, urban, vintage, inspiration.  Where do you shop and find all the cutest clothes? Do you design your own?

I do most of my shopping online, Ebay, Etsy, and any vintage shop I can find, I also love Target and I stay in thrift stores for dresses and jackets, I don’t design my own clothes..One day I hope too!

For all the beautiful artistic ladies out there, what advice would you give to entrepreneurs like yourself who are striving to my a career out of their creative abilities?

I tell everyone to just DO IT..Dont wait for permission or approval from anyone, all the tools you need to have a business are here, you just need to take advantage.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry not only has earrings that I love, but she always makes bracelets, necklaces, and little trinkets for men too. Go ahead and order you a pair today at her online stores:

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