D’Angelo GQ Photo Shoot & Interview – Amen!

Photo Credit GQ- Gregory Harris

First and foremost, I’m truly amazed by how outstanding the writer GQ’s own Amy Wallace is.  She definitely brought back my excitement for the old D’Angelo that I once drooled over, ya’ll know what I’m talking about.  For the first time in over a decade the cornrowed wearing, brown sugar, soulful brotha graces GQ magazine for a photo shoot.  Amy Wallace got a chance to interview him and watch him on stage where she wrote us the most descriptive, gritty, yet inspiiring piece that I think any artist that fell off should appreciate. Here is just a taste of the story…

“…Which helps explain why, months later, high on cocaine and drunk off his ass, D’Angelo found himself ejected from his car on that balmy Virginia night, hurtling through the pitch-blackness, flying. When he hit the ground, he broke all the ribs on his left side—and dealt another blow to his foundering career.”

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