Buns, Thighs, and Abs oh My! – Fitness App Must Haves

Whether you are looking for something new to add to your workout or just need a little push without the cost of a trainer, check out my top 3 apps that I frequently use to spice up my own workouts! (Did I mention they’re FREE?!)

Update, two new apps just popped into my life – check it out below!

Nike Training Club #NTC

Hands down, the best exercise iPhone app! Equipped with timed workout that sync to your music playlist.  If you are looking to target a certain area, this would be the best app to tone and build your endurance.  You will need certain equipment like a medicine ball, weights, or jump rope so using the amenities at the gym would be best.  Although it’s by Nike Women the fellas shouldn’t be discouraged because it won’t discriminate on kicking your butt each time.

My 24 – 24 Hour Fitness App

If you are a member of 24 hour fitness this will become very helpful.  I don’t have time to log onto my computer just to check the class schedule so having it synced to my phone and calendar is the BEST! I haven’t played around too much on the other features but this app works best for the on-the-go gym rat.

Ab Workout FREE

This app is beyond corny! I almost didn’t download it until I realized that the only way I am going to get a flatter stomach is through persistence. It has video and she talks to you.  You can do your daily ab workout right after your check your Facebook each morning, simple.




If you walk or run a lot and want to improve your goals or keep track of your workout, this app would be for you. It records your workout, times your walk or run, and provides personal statistics on calories burned, pace, and more. I especially like it for when I hike or ride my back because after your done you get to see a cool map of how far you’ve gone.




One thing I regretted about weight watchers was the mobile app where you can keep a food diary, track your weight, and exercise all in one. But that sadness was short lived when I found out that this app does it all for FREE. What’s most important for me is counting calories so this was an easy tool that I could whip out anywhere and calculate just like I would when I was on weight watchers. Highly recommended if you are focusing on nutrition. 

Do you guys have any Fitness Apps that you can’t live without? I’d like to hear from you, sharing is caring =)

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