Afro Chic’s Youtube Style: Bantu Knot Twists

Hey folks! I’ve been quite the stranger to my hair these days and with my busy schedule I’ll be honest and say its hard to keep up with the latest products and show you guys at the same time.  Last week was a bad hair week so I decided to wash my hair and start all over with the old faithful two strand twist.  However, this time I took to youtube and found an awesome hair blogger who introduced Bantu knots to my usual routine.

It’s really simple and you create a nice bouncy curl that last all day.  Below is a picture of the before, after, and results.  If you would like a better visual check out the video below of Hair blogger “PRETTYDIMPLES01”.  She keeps it real and has all the cute innovate ways to style your hair.

I absolutely love the new bouncy look and I can’t wait to style it for Halloween.  Look out for a new post on using a roller set on twists!

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