MsStarStyles “Hair Haven Chic” is Reesa Speaks

I know this gets a super late pass However, I was selected as the “Hair Haven Chic” of the week from Ms. Star Styles’ hair, fashion, and makeup blog a few weeks ago.  I was given questions on how I became natural and my favorite hair products and natural hair styles.  I get a lot of these questions while I’m in the streets so why not share you this awesome post.  Star is an awesome fashionista and I love visiting her blog. You can check out the “Hair Haven Post” post HERE and the rest of her blog for more tips and fashion indulgence.

6. What are the advantages to having natural tresses?
“Versatility.  You can wear your hair curly or straight.  I love how long it grows.  Also, It’s pretty cool to be that black girl who doesn’t have to run for cover when it starts to sprinkle or can take a dip in the pool with no worry.  One last thing, it saves me a lot of money.  I only go to my hair stylist to get my ends trimmed twice a year and I do my hair myself, so… do the math.”

If you would like to be the next “Hair Haven Chic” please send your interests to 🙂

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