Album Review: Marsha Ambriosus x Late Nights & Early Mornings

She’s no longer aspiring in my books, she had made it. Today, March 1st, Marsha Ambriosus released her debut album entitled Late Nights and Early Mornings.  Some may know her from the duo Floetry, and some may just be catching onto the buzz through social media but this girl presence, voice, and well-being is FIRE.  She has come a long way from the British UK to her old R&B/Hip-Hop group, the fabulous weight loss and now she has finally made a name for herself

Late Nights and Early Mornings has been highly anticipated over the months and I’m glad my iTunes have been finally blessed with her presence.  If I were to describe the emotional attributes and drive that I get from each song this post would take up the whole font page.  I simply recognize her hard work and how much growth she has established as an artist.  A song that really hit home for me is “Your Hands” which was produced by Vidal Davis and Andre Harris. Although I’ve never been in love, I still feel the emotion and passion that she sings as if I were to be in that position where my all is in someone’s hands.  Most of her tracks are very sultry slow songs, so you do have to have your mood set to neo-soul but for the lovers of creative harmony and meaningful lyrics, this may spark your interest.

I feel as if Marsha Ambriosus let out a creative release when debuting Late Nights and Early Mornings. R&B is alive and living through this album. So go cop it for yourself and you can tell me if I’m wrong.

Album is available on iTunes, Amazon, or stores worldwide.

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