Theophilus London x Flying Overseas

And finally this visual for “Flying Overseas”.  I absolutely love this video not only do I think this is a great song and he’s a dope up and coming artist, but his leading lady is dark skinned and GORGEOUS….not to mention I want her outfits for spring.   (I thought I’d give dark skinned natural women praise for a moment)  “Flying Overseas” features Devonte Hynes and Solange Knowles on the hook and is his second single off Green Label Sound.  The setting is familiar because it was shot on the beach of Malibu.  Thomas and his director give their explanation of the creation of the video saying,

“I wanted the video to be less concept-y and very minimal,” said London. “A very personal and emotional visual piece.” The outcome is full of psychedelic elements. “The technique for creating the datamosh effects was different from anything our crew had done before,” said director Tim Nackashi. “We filmed Theophilus’ face and fed that into the computer as data. It was a great experiment. Theophilus is a true artist.”

You can find more info on Theophilus London and the featured download like here

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