I.V.A.N x Never Marry A Musician

A lot of artists dropped new music on Valentine’s Day and I thought it was only right to give this Bay Area bred emecee some spotlight. I.V.A.N released Never Marry A Musician and the buzz has been well received.  In this album you will find artistry that goes above the typical hip hop trend.  I.V.A.N has selections on here that display his creativity and his ability to naturally stand out.  One of the tracks that I liked was “Monterey” where he tells a story about the day in his life, his goals, feelings, and aspirations. If you never been to Monterey it really is a beautiful city to visit along the California coastline and I could totally visualize his reflection behind it.  Never Marry A Musician is a great compilation if you want to stimulate your creative senses.  Take a listen, download, and support good music!

Download Never Marry A Musician here

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