Lauryn Hill Gives Inspirational Speech at 25

Although this speech was given before I even began to fully understand myself, I believe that Lauryn Hill is so relevant and will always be to my generation and society yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  She gave me so much insight when I watched her this morning, it made me wonder why can’t more influential artists today be like her and it inspired me to be better and do better for myself.  I know that I shouldn’t make comparisons but it’s all about being humble and using your talents to make an actual difference.  It’s obvious Lauryn Hill wasn’t going for the fame and recognition, that all seemed flow through her character and well being and I see that and look up to her as not only a artist but of her wisdom.  She’s a legend in my book. BUT!  I’ll stop here cause I will go on and make this post into my own revelation. Just take a look at her speech and let me know what you think about the topics she discussed.

“I pray for the people that don’t understand me”

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