Jennifer Hudson & Weight Watchers Campaign “Points Plus”

What better way to start off the new year with a new diet and exercise plan that works! I know a lot of people hate on Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss phenomenon saying “Oh she has a big head now!” but honestly, I’m so proud of her.  So proud that it has inspired me to try the Weight Watchers Points Plus programs.  Yes, your goal has sold me.  Jennifer Hudson has taken on the new campaign as spokeswoman and she is all over billboards, on your TV screen, and now in your daily diets.  I think this is a good move for her and for women who needed that extra push from their favorite singer that they can lose the weight.  I’m not gonna sit here and say that weight watchers did this to her body but whatever her lifestyle change was, it worked!


One thought on “Jennifer Hudson & Weight Watchers Campaign “Points Plus”

  1. rebecca says:

    i agree she looks great and feels better about herself, so that is all that matters! her and her ‘big head’ seem to be on top of the world! 🙂

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