Natural Hair: 3 Men & 3 Perspectives

Ladies this is what you all have been waiting for.  I know you are curious and so was I so I found three men who all love women with natural hair and picked their brains for your pleasure.  A Student, Photographer, and a Loctitian. . .It can’t get any better.  Here is what these black men think when it comes to women who wear their hair natural:

Name: Fred Shavies

Age: 30

*Professional Photographer*

Name: Charles McGee

Age: 20

*Full Time Student*

Name: “The Loc Dr.”

Age: 33



How important is hair to you in attractiveness of woman? Do you like certain hairstyles?

Fred: It’s not important. If you have straight hair I’m going to talk to you. The woman who I’m dating now she straightens her hair from time to time; she doesn’t have a perm though.  I don’t like to put myself in this box, but I don’t like to say I only date women with dreads or an Afro.   Never say never, but I prefer not to date a woman with a weave.  I’m attracted to women with real hair, real body parts, real eye colors, real human beings. The hairstyles I like are dreads and I love women who wear Afros, that’s what is most attractive to me.  I don’t want to say that turns me on, but it’s something that I enjoy. [laughs]

“The Loc Dr.”  : Hair to me in attractiveness of woman is very important. As long as a woman’s hair is presentable that’s fine with me. It’s something about a woman w/ a boy cut or short like Nia Long that’s very very attractive.

Charles: I think it is very important because as a male that’s one of the 1st things I look at. I wouldn’t say it would make or break you because if I think you are an attractive woman and your hair is so-so I would just think “ok she’s having a bad hair day ” BUT if some time goes past and the hair is still “whoa” I’ll start thinking “ok she must doesn’t care too much about her hair I wonder what else she doesn’t care about that should be important to her”. Ever since I was young I would go crazy over the girls with long hair in the two pony tails [laughs w/ embarrassed face] but since I’ve gotten older it upgraded to still the pony tails but also girl who rock the curly BIG hair. Honestly I can fall in love with any hairstyle if you keep it tight.

Have you noticed a “Natural Hair Movement” lately and why do you think women are deciding to go natural?

Fred: I feel that people in our generation are waking up and being more conscious. People are breaking society barriers and realizing that they don’t have to look like the Barbie doll they grew up playing with.  Black is beautiful and YOU are beautiful.  In our generation I’ve noticed black people more comfortable in their skin and are okay with living in their hair.  It takes me back to the Malcolm X era when during those times black men would literally burn their hair to look like a white dude.

“The Loc Dr.” :  I see it but I think it’s (Natural Hair) been there because I think people are trying to go in that direction but some are scared. I have noticed a “Natural Hair Movement” lately which is a great thing. A lot of people do get perms and texturizers, but people need to understand that it’s a process, sometimes takes years to get that look.  It’s just about being fearful and the movement has been gong for a while.

Charles: Yes I have I think it has to do with the rise of women’s independency today. I feel the natural look gives a sense of power and REALNESS. It’s going against what’s portrayed on the television as “good hair”. I think even more women should join the movement because it’s nothing better than natural beauty. EVERYBODY won’t like it but SOMEBODY will love it.

How do you view women with weaves? Can you tell the difference?

“The Loc Dr.” : Women w/ weaves are beautiful also but I have heard from close friends how expensive it is to keep their hair up. I can definitely tell the difference with a women that does have a weave oppose to a woman with Natural Hair.  I don’t hate weave and I don’t think either one is better than the other it all depends on the person. Too each is own.  We all rock hair a different way.

Charles: I actually have no BIG problem with weaves, although I do actually prefer natural if you can keep up with your weave and your happy with it I think you should do your thing. Except most lacefront weaves I don’t know what it is about them but they kinda creep me out. Most of the time I can tell if it’s a weave or not but some girls get it done well enough that no one can really tell, those are the ones that stay on top of things.

How would you define hair that is healthy?

“The Loc Dr.” : Healthy hair to me short or long does not have any damages, dryness and is taken care of correctly without having any perms etc. In my aspect, the key to healthy hair is moisturizing and cleansing. Keep it simple.

Charles: hmm [really thinking] I would say hair that grows pretty regular and has a good look to it, you know not to dry-looking keep it greased. Also washed on the regular and not to many chemicals cause I’m pretty sure they would make your hair look good for the moment but hurt it in the long run.

Do you think women care about a man’s opinion when it comes to their hair?

Fred: I don’t think that you should. I think you should love yourself regardless of what a man thinks.

“The Loc Dr.” : I do think women care about a man’s opinion when it comes to their hair to a certain degree but primarily it’s what matters to them first. It comes secondary, women are very independent.  When you get into the whole aspect of all that superficial shit like “oh I’m going to get my hair done cause he likes this,” that’s a personal issue.  A Good strong woman is stepping out to look good for herself.

Charles: I think so, even the ones that say “I don’t care what nobody thinks”, I mean I understand you might NOT care about other people opinions and might just be wanting to look good for yourself but honestly if your going out (even if in a relationship) you want to be reassured that you bad and turning heads.

Black women are very versatile with their hair. Do you like when your significant other changes her hair often?

Charles: Yes!! The same due can get boring or I’ll just get “use to it”. I like the random surprises or just switch it up for different events.

Fred:  I don’t mind. She changes her hair a lot.  I think that’s what turn me on; having the ability to change your hair is all being apart of a woman. The woman I’m dating is wearing cornrows right now.  She just took a shower and braided it up.  I like her versatility because some days she wears it straightened and other days she doesn’t.  It’s funny cause she had just taken her braids down once and her co-workers in the office gave her negative feedback when she decided to wear her hair in an afro, I love it.

What do you love about natural hair?

“The Loc Dr.” : What I love about natural hair is how healthy and versatile you can be with it from styles, color and length. It’s a beautiful thing but it’s not for everyone.

Fred: I love women in general and women with natural hair because this is the way they were intended to be and it’s beautiful.  A lot of human beings do all types of shit to be a certain way instead of just being who we are.

Charles: I love the fact that their staying true to themselves by rocking with what God gave them. I don’t care if it short as mines [I have a taper] if you rock it with the confidence that you the baddest thing walking that’s what people will look at you as. Also I love the fact that EVERY girl I know that rocks the natural look is so independent and motivated to do their thing. So keep doing it!! Hopefully I find one like y’all for myself. [laughs]

4 thoughts on “Natural Hair: 3 Men & 3 Perspectives

  1. FlojoVal says:

    Well, the brothers sound like they know what they like. I still think that it is important to do what is best for you and your hair. Do what makes you feel good as a woman. Personally, I prefer not to indulge in the cream crack, or the straightening comb:)

  2. Kasey says:

    Great interviews from three intellegent and wise men. Now I just wish black women natural or not would respect each others choices, it’s sad to think that men are less judgemental about a black woman’s hair than black women are. I think the Natrual vs Relaxed debate has become the new Dark Skinned vs. Light Skinned debate, and it needs to stop we need to focus on the inside first, and heal our communities!

    Anyone worried or judging me about my relaxed hair is just showing their own insecurity. As a women who has had very short natural hair, a press, relaxed and long, and currently I’m rocking relaxed and short, I can say that the real beauty of black hair and the beauty of a black women is that she can do what she wants :).

    • reesaspeaks says:


      I agree with you that the Hair Debates need to be put to rest. It’s time that we uplift each other and celebrate our hair regardless of what we want to do with it. Black women are so versatile and I wanted these male perspectives to be a positive influence for black women and their hair. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and like willow say’s “WHIP YOUR HAIR”!

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