The Bots x Stop

These kids are so adorable.  The Bots are these two boys, Mikaiah Lei (17) and Anaiah Lei (13) who sure to be out the bieber craze with their up and coming rock band.  With Mikaiah on the guitar and vocals and Anaiah on the drums together they make a tough dynamic duo in punk rock culture.  Check out these hit song “Stop” which will be played all over the country as the youngest boys band to perform with the Warped Tour. P.S. you don’t have to be a pre-teen to rock out to this aggressive/expressive band!

check out their site for more information on their music

One thought on “The Bots x Stop

  1. ToyToyLuvs says:

    i dig! They are cuties! But are you sure the young one on the guitar and vocals is 17?! He looks more like 14 15 lol. I defintiely see them doing big things though! Kudos!

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