Joonie x Acoustic Love

The soul singer Joonie is not a new face to me, seeing his music on many other aspiring artists sites it was only right to let you guys here his hit sing “So Fly”.  This North Carolina native, Calvin “Joonie” Gary, Jr. not only gives R&B its soul but has that warm feeling to his voice that makes his many octives enjoyable in your speakers.  Discovered by  producer and rapper Warren G, Joonie got his first label deal by the age of 21.  Continuing his journey to becoming even more successful he worked behind the scenes as a self taught pianist, guitarist, and songwriter.  This past April, He debuted his album “Acoustic Love” which is a steady compilation of love, relationships, and the appreciation of women.  I find this independent artist to be at the forefront of REAL music.  Check out his single “So Fly” and support him as an artist with his latest album available on iTunes.

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