Keon Supreme x His Musical Breakthrough

Acceptance and Change are the words that I can use to best describe Keon “Supreme” Hall, an aspiring artist from Claremont, California.  Growing up living under a Jehovah Witness household, Keon has always seemed to stand out with creating his own identity.  At the age of 17, Keon reached a breaking point and decided to change his outlook on life, by developing his love for music. “My mother accepts me because I’m her son, but she’s never heard my music,” he explains to me about his relationship with his mother and the choice he has made. With his new mixtape entitled “Supreme” Keon shares his life-changing experiences and enlightenment.  In my opinion his featured song “Love Me Again” best describes his character as an artist.  When telling me about how much emotion was put into his words and relationship with his mother, I knew that he was passionate about his artistic ability to express himself through music.

“Dark, Enlightening, and life changing” is how he describes his mixtape but if I were to give my own take I would call it a breakthrough.  He spits versus that some young men like him can relate to as well as anyone who shares a love for Hip Hop.  After speaking with him it only made since that Keon is studying History in college because he stresses his vision to change the world.  With book knowledge, personal experiences, and the ability to musically express oneself, Keon Supreme is on his way to making his career a staple in today’s Hip Hop.

“Believe in yourself even if no one else will” –Keon “Supreme” Hall

For more information on Keon Supreme visit:

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