Chad D. Smith x His Feminine Inspiration

I’d like to say that Chad D. Smith is one of the most creative photographers I’ve met, but that would be an understatement.  One of the pluses of taking creative classes in college was meeting people that inspire you through many aspects, I like to write and he loves to create art.  Chad claims he’s been doing photography for 3 years but it looks like trial and error has paid off.  He is currently doing freelance with a graphic designer, Mark Stewart where he creates images with a fashion inspiration.   They are currently working on a series of pieces with the influence of Patrick Nagel during his reign of the 80’s era.  “My heart beats independently with art,” he explains to me as he shares that his inspirations derive from his personal experience with WOMEN.  It’s not often you find a male artist that has creatively designed his materials around the female race.  Whether it is his past relationships or looking his perfect muse, Chad defined his own artistic style.

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