Ryan Nicole- The Lady MC of the Bay Area

Although Ryan Nicole is not a new name to me when you are close friends with her brother,  I find this artist to be one of the most artistically inclined Lady MC’s (as I call it) to be birthed from the Bay Area. Oh, and not to mention she rocks and embraces her natural hair :).  Social networking and her support system are doing a great job at putting her voice out there.  I hear about her at events, word of mouth, and mutual blogs websites.  For those not familiar to the Bay Area, Ryan Nicole was born in Oakland, California where she discovered her passion as an artist.  She is writer, Artist, Rapper, Singer, Poet, and lyricist which has become a rarity in the urban culture….and for all that talent to come out of a WOMAN!? I must show my respect!!  With famous Lady MC’s like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Missy Elliot holding the fort the down for many years I think its now time for Ryan Nicole to take over the throne.  To tickle your hip hop soul and intellect, she recently dropped her new mixtape entitled Dis’onance Vol. 1 which is currently on rotation with one of my favorites “Um Ums” & “Magic Carpet Ride”.  In my opinion this compilation captivates her whole persona poetically speaking.  She spits versus with references to her hometown, love, and empowerment on beats of The Neptunes and features with other local artists.  Ryan Nicole is next aspiring Lady MC that you should be looking for in the future!

Here is a few of her art pieces that are displayed on her online store:

For more information on Contacting Her:



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