Bay Area’s new Soul- The R.O.D Project

I’ve been back in the bay for well over a month now and when I first step foot in the bay the song “I Can’t Stand You” was playing on out hottest station KMEL Jams.  It’s been a hit for awhile now, so I was recently put onto the new Bay Area Soul and in previous posts he is well known alongside artists like J. Myers and London in the R&B.   R.O.D has headlined in the past House of Soul with artists like Goapole and Dwele. I have two songs to share with you “I Can’t Stand You” and “Beautiful”…look out for him in the future! 

“I Can’t Stand You”- It reminds me of the hyphy movements favorite soud and of course we all have that one we couldn’t stand, so here’s the anthem

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