The Spotlight: …A Poets Tweets…

He goes by ASIM Terasu, you may seem him as @APoetsTweets, but I’ve always known him as William Hicks, a bay area native living in New Orleans living, breathing, and speaking his passion for Poetry. William “ASIM” started writing poetry in the fall of 2008,he was always interested in it but finally decided to put his thoughts to paper after taking a creative writing & poetry class. Some may think it takes a mastermind to write something so powerful, but for ASIM everything seemed to flow so naturally.
“ASIM means ‘And So It Manifests’ and Terasu is Japanese for Enlightment,” he finally explains to me and I couldn’t have described him any better. With influences from great artists like Erykah Badu to enlighten him, ASIM writes poetry and spits versus over songs at his local community events and even shares his art through twitter. With our music industry rapidly changing with the new pop culture, there have been many misconceptions on whether or not Hip-Hop is still alive. Do you think it died? I asked him how he felt on this issue, and in his own words:

“Hip-Hop is still alive as long as we don’t forget what it means to us. Hip-Hop can have a different meaning to, and is interpreted differently by everyone. To one person, Hip-Hop is telling a story which in turn teaches a lesson. To the next person, Hip-Hop may be just about partying and having a good time. It’s free form expression. It flows and changes and evolves just like anything on this planet. So for me to say Hip-Hop is dead in its current state, I would be disregarding someone else’s interpretation of what Hip-Hop is. My advice to those who don’t enjoy certain types of Hip-Hop: Don’t listen to it!”

I have selected a piece from ASIM’s twiturm entitled “Off Limits” which is a poem he wrote that he spits over Common and D’Angelo’s “So Far to Go”. RIP to JDilla. – ASIM – Off Limits.

For more of his poems please visit and not only support him but inspire him to follow his passion….

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