Remembering MJ. . .

I still can’t believe that it is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death.  It seems like yesterday I was moon walking in the kitchen, talking about his mysterious kids, and watching The Jackson’s movie for the 32942 time.  But it never occurred to me that such a great of a man could have such an impact on the world, hell even the universe.  Even before MJ’s passing we have always lived through his legacy he has created and paved music for today’s aspiring artists.  It’s not one artist that has been interviewed that can’t say that they grew up following MJ’s footsteps.  Whether it is a song, a trendy jacket from “Bad”, or even the dance moves from thriller, I still see him in every performer out there.  I am not going to make this a sad day because although the world was in mourning June 25, 2009, we should continue to celebrate his legacy so enjoy the tributes on your radio station, favorite TV channel, and live through the spirit of MJ.  Just think what would MJ want?  For the world to be a better place. 

Here is one of my favorite songs of lil’ MJ “Who’s Loving You”.  It’s a true love song about the blues and its crazy that he was just a little kids singing such a thing.  It still gives me chills up my spine!

now check out this girl Jamia Simone Nash….she’s a lil sassy but I feel like she came close to a good perfect MJ remake.

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