The Anti-Rape Trap

So it’s been buzzing all over the news, thanks to CNN. The South African Doctor invented the condom to prevent rape.  Here’s the catch, the condom is inserted into the female and when the male goes to rape the girl it’s genital will get trapped by the teeth inside the condom causing severe pain.  I think this is the most craziest preventions I have ever seen and if that were me I wouldn’t want that weapon to stuck inside of me.  I do commend this doctor for wanting to stop this prevelant issue from arising in her country but I’m not sure how effective this condom may be.  It sounds too painful to think about, let alone to use.  What do you think about this new rape prevention method? 

check out the video clip from cnn here—> <—-

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Rape Trap

  1. tianna says:

    i think this is a great solution to rape it makes me feel alot more safer abotu myself and for this to never happed to me i just wonder how much does it cost and where would it be located to purchase

  2. Vanessa says:

    Women are surprisingly less forgiving than men of rape victims, a recent study shows. More than half of the women who participated in a new survey think certain rape victims should accept some responsibility for the violent attack they endured.

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