Swimming for Natural Chics

Natural hair women can swim too! I have recently been in and out of the pool these past few weeks and wanted to  a shampoo to use to get rid of the chlorine that seemed to be lurking.  The shampoo for natural hair swimmers award goes to “Infusium 23”.  Equipped with the leave in conditioner, shampoo, and my usual brand Ion’s anti-chlorine leave in conditioner spray, your hair will be looking good and feeling healthy without the stress.  Although you don’t need all three I found the leave-in conditioner and shampoo to work just as good and will be purchasing a bottle to last me.

It’s also important to use a swim cap periodically because you can’t rely on just shampoo and conditioner to save your hair.

(Ion anti-chlorine leave in conditioner spray)

The Ion swimmer’s products are great because I trust them with my dyed hair.  Also these products are not just designed for natural hair, but if you have chemically treated hair these products will work best for you as well.

So ladies, don’t shy away from the swimming pool on your vacation.  Grab some products and enjoy the sun 🙂

One thought on “Swimming for Natural Chics

  1. Jazmyn says:

    But you must remember that the shampooing all the time can be harmful to your hair so do more conditioning then shampooing. Im glad I could b inspiration!!!

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