American Apparel rules Straight Hair OUT!

So earlier this week we discussed Six Flags not wanting black women with locks to represent their company, now we have American Apparel not wanting black women with STRAIGHT hair.  So really, what do you really want from us?!

            Current and former American Apparel employees wrote to addressing their concerns from their experiences with hiring and firing policing that expressed discriminatory and racial profiling at its best.  Hiring managers were telling employees to only accept applications from people who look a certain way, from their hair down to the pair of shoes they wore that day.  Yes, it is true that you should look presentable when applying for a job, but what EXACTLY does American Apparel look for in a black prospect:

“none of the trashy kind that comes in, we don’t want that. We’re not trying to sell our clothes to them. Try to find some of these classy black girls, with nice hair, you know?”

These following instructions were given to an AA employee by their manager explaining what kind of black woman that they are looking for.  Now here’s the good part, you are probably thinking the black chick with the nappy hair wouldn’t make the cut, but in actuality the managers were referring “nice hair” to the women who didn’t straighten their hair.  The district manager thought it was more presentable to have less raunchy piercings, less weave,but more authenticity and natural hair because of its “Full Body Head to Toe” Policy. The owner of American Apparel himself, Dov Charney, says he prefers that Afro over the straight hair to his company.  But it seems to me he also prefers his models with their legs wide open and nipples showing, oxy-MORON!  I think that is an odd preference to have, but I’m not surprised because there are certain models and looks in other stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister that lowkey rule out certain looks. So there you have it, not only are black women with natural hair discriminated upon but so are the ones who choose to wear their hair straight.  I honestly don’t think this corporate world or distinctive race (I shall not say) understand the dynamics of a black woman and their hair.  We are our hair and when one takes it as far as messing with our means of living, oh there will be serious problems.  I commend these American Apparel employees for voicing their opinions on this issues and I hope that a lawsuit or some FIRING action gets done about this ridiculous hiring process.  So much for wearing overpriced spandex!


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