Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

It works! It works! Finally a Carol’s Daughter that I can say works for me.  Her products are usually really drying and boring on my hair but the “Hair Milk” line really does define my curls.  It comes in a Shampoo, Conditioner, and curl booster.  I want to know you guys review on this one because I think I might have found a favorite product from Carol’s Daughter. Pics coming soon!

One thought on “Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

  1. Sunny Dee says:

    I just recently picked this up and have been very happy with it as well. I really wasn’t sure about buying it but was very happy about their return policy and even as I wasn’t fully convinced they allowed me to take a sample home and try it out. I returned the next day and bought all three products. I love what it’s doing to my hair!

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