If it’s not Corporate, it’s Six Flags?

Just when I thought the corporate world would be the underlying issues with natural hair I came across an article on www.thecoilreview.com that talks about Six Flags of America, the amusement park, might be facing a lawsuit over two natural hair women for their discriminatory policies.  Supposedly Janet Bello with locs, went to get an application for the Washington, D.C. location and asked them what would be the reason for not being hired and the manager stated that she would have to change her hairstyle.  Bello then went on and asked for a written policy on that matter, and there it was: no extreme hairstyles which listed “dreadlocks”, Mohawks, uneven haircuts, and wild hair colors.  The other woman Jackie Sherril told WJLA of DC that she worked there last summer and they issued a rehire only if she changed her hairstyle.  WTF?!

 I do not understand why an amusement park that allows all colors, shapes, sizes into the theme park would discriminate HAIR.  Hair these days are expressive and one should not be judged by the strand of their hair, especially for a minimum wage job.  Since forever locs have been dreaded in the corporate world but you would think a small summer job would cut some slack and allow their staff to wear their hair as they please.  I guess this means all the women who are shaving their hair shaved off to look like Rhianna and Amber Rose are out of a job at Six Flags of America.  Their Policies need to be re-evaluated because we are reaching 2011, and I know that THEY know everyone is keeping up with the latest looks, so if it’s not locs, every other girl is rocking a Mohawk, shaved head, short do, or funky colors.  Also, the Maryland and DC area are quite trendy with their natural hair and locs just like the Bay Area are worn freely amongst African Americans.  As a woman with Natural Hair myself, I have confidence  when it comes to the career and job that I want. So I really do fear for the corporate world and “Six Flags” that plan to discriminate on natural hair because I will be coming full force.  What do you think about this issue?  Should these two women be filing a lawsuit?  Is this borderline a racial issue?

read the full article here http://www.thecoilreview.com/tcr-final/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=493:six-flags&catid=4:the-pieces

One thought on “If it’s not Corporate, it’s Six Flags?

  1. Ashley Duffy says:

    I am sooo proud of you!….As you know I am not very electronic savy, but the topics in which you have touched upon in your blog are very enlightening and relatable. In response to the Six Flags circumstance I definitely believe that brings up a discriminatory examination. However, it does not assert racial questioning becuase mohawks, and colorful hair are adopted in various nationalities. Keep up the good work and I look towards you being the next Oprah one day! 🙂

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