One Natural Disaster After the Next

I’m tired of watching the news and seeing progress that could’ve been handled so differently, but because I am not of in the oval office I must sit back and let it happen.  Recently the Gulf Coast erupted with a Oil Spill that had leaked into the ocean and has cause a disaster to many communities, beaches, people, and natural landmarks. Coast Guard needs to take extra responsibility and act on this like it were serious.  I’d hate to through Hurricane Katrina in the mix, but I feel it’s just repeat.  Why are we sitting back watching the oil spill into our water?  I don’t want to live in this mess, Obama needs to get it together and add it at the top of his list.  I hate to see that people are losing business and the whole Gulf Coast is suffering yet again from a disaster that wasn’t their fault.  I do believe that media is controlling the information given out and I want to know what’s really going on down there. Drilling holes for oil is already bad enough for the environment, maybe this nature’s way of payback and it sucks.

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