Trible Jewelry goes AfriqueLaChic


Afrique Elegance Satin Flower Headband,...Gold

AfriqueLaChic is so cute to me.  It’s a little African Boutique hailing from Los Angeles with a lot of Traditional African flava.  I came across them on one of my favorite blog sites and I couldn’t resist the jewelry and accesories.  This lady handcrafts her own jewelry using wood, bone, bamboo, and even ivory.  All natural supplements used from the motherland.  Although it looks a bit tribal to me, the jewelry adds a modern day twist so you don’t walk around town looking like a modern day Chaka Zulu. Or Do you?  Here are a few of her pieces.

Kamit v.2 Earring to Nose Ring 

Dendera .... Red Natural Stone and Ankh Necklace
One Sweet Rose Necklace

If you would like to see more visit her online store, for more details and inspirations.

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