Mexico Art and Anya

With jazz as her inspiration, Anya Sippen, draws a picture of her life.  I met her in my creative writing class this semester and was immediately pulled into her creative talent.  Not only is she an excellent writer but her ability to put sound, rythmn, and music into a visual piece of art is what makes her stand out. 

Anya is an North Carolina native who originally became an art Major at Hampton University.  The lack of expression the curriculum limited her to enabled her to change her major to Broadcast Journalism but she still aspiring and continuing to be an artist.

“I’m not really into alot of music but I like to listen to old school Jazz,” says Anya of her passion for the art of Jazz artists like Nina Simone, her favorite.  She does her artwork on cardboard canvases using oil pastels and acrylic paints.

Anya carries her passion with jazz not only into her art but also through the school radio station 88.1 fridays from 1-2 pm  “Mary Helen’s Lunchtime Concert”.  I’ve learned from being in class with her that she is crafting her memoir from experiences in Mexico.  I knew that summer meant alot to her just by the surrounding photographs and culture that she uniquely displayed in her room as memories.

(Talking about her journal filled with a plethora of pictures, maps, and writing from her summer in Mexico)

(Nina Simone)

Anya’s freedom of expression requires no techniques (pure talent) and is an example of the many talented artists that I come across through my lifetime.  She hopes to one day get her memoir published as well as her art displayed in galleries.  Please lookout for her!

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