Afro Chic’s: Spring Hair Tip #1

The weather is changing and so is your grain of hair.  I currently reside in a state that has a lot of humidity so that moisture does wonders to my curls but that still doesn’t mean you don’t moisturize.  Many people have been asking me what do I put on my hair on a daily basis.  Nothing seems to change much with the seasons; but when it comes to my spring looks I like to use less.

Elasta Care Products

This spray is very light and is good to use when you wet your hair in the morning.

That old school TCB never fails.  Once a month its good to do a hot oil treatment. I dont think you need to get the serious bottle, just the samples for $99 at the beauty supply is fine.

Ladies please don’t forget to braid your hair up every night.  I hate it when I see some of you guys walk around with knot ball in your head.  There is no reason why you should not comb your hair.  I use this comb in the show.

Use your favorite conditioner and it will comb through easily.

Now take off those winter clothes and show off your hair! It’s Spring!

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